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Photo by Inbal Shani

Twisted Mind

The band was formed by Dan Saliman – A young and true metalhead that has decided to pursue his dream. Dan has developed his musical skills from years of listening, playing guitar and singing in various metal bands.
Dan was raised by a father from a Yemenite heritage, and Dan’s mother came from a Moroccan heritage, and if that’s not enough, Dan’s uncle has played the Bouzouki, so playing Middle Eastern instruments and embracing his heritage was only natural.

Lahav Zitayat, the band’s guitarist and Oud player grew alongside Dan since elementary school, and after years of travelling in totally different paths, these two joined paths after Dan had realized that Lahav became a metal guitarist.
Lahav’s family roots are based in Turkey and Iraq, Lahav grew up listening to various Middle Eastern musical genres as a kid, but only at his musical academic studies he truly fell in love with the Oud, a classical Middle Eastern musical instrument, and joined his first Ethnic band alongside his musical studies. 

Together they found Assaf Tirosh - the band’s Bassist, a computer engineer and a progressive rock enthusiast, who uses music to “feed his soul” and as gateway from hard years of work and other personal complications.

After a year together and lot of research, Lahav suggested to ask Yanir, a fellow Music Academic school former student, to join the band as its lead singer.
Yanir Chmiel became the main Vocalist, coming from an R&B musical background and with tons of musical experience, With David Darash a s the drumer finally completing the puzzle that is Twisted Mind.

As a result of the different musical genres the band members are coming from, Twisted Mind’s natural direction led them to write and compose Middle Eastern Metal music that sounds like something you have never heard before.
Active on stages since 2018, the band is currently working on their first EP.

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