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photo by Or Danon

Rotem Leviv

  Rotem Leviv is a young and talented musician, through her journey she stays loyalty to her thoughts, and express them in her songs.

Her songs deal with events and experiences in her life,  her texts and melodies are presented in a unique tone of voice.  

Anyone who follows Rotem Leviv's work already knows that she is constantly creating and moving forward, working on new materials, performing and gaining a growing audience.

These days she is releasing a new single: "The new single," A Little Dream "deals with the feeling of missing out, we can feel it as a result of a failure in love, in work, or even a small moment that we did not get to experience as we wanted.

Sometimes the feeling of missing out stays with us, accompanies us like a shadow and sometimes it comes for a few seconds and disappears.

No matter what, we need to remember that everything can be changed,

You just have to live every moment of your life "


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