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Avi Maor - Founder of AM-Concepts

I have been in the music industry for many years.

In the past several years I have been giving services such as  production, management & consultancy for music and stage arts, and lead them to the path of self realization.  ​

My desire is to encourage entrepreneurship in the creative field and to contribute from my experience by providing  focused counseling sessions for every idea and entrepreneurship in the art world.

"I believe that business relations, especially in the music and arts industry, based on trust, partnership and mutual surety all the way to the fulfillment of both sides".

 Consulting is also available through "Maof", an authority that gives consulting to musicians who need guidance in career development, by a certified consultant in the field of music and culture. The service is provided with a subsidized payment of NIS 80 + VAT per meeting and the customer is entitled to 20 meetings at the subsidized price. For more details please click the link, or contact me for guidance.

ההמלצה שלי

My recommendation



Lyrics and melody: Harel Hadad | Musical production: Harel Hadad

The song "Slaves" was born from a guitar riff and a drum beat that tries to describe the madness we live in, the race and intensity of Western life in the modern age. Modern slavery in the guise of success and necessity.  Less family, less sun, less spirit, less God, all of these and more are pushed aside for the sake of career, name, honor and the desire to show and always be at the center.

צור קשר

Thank you for contacting us, +972 50-7703016

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